“I had hoped this moment wouldn’t come in my lifetime.  After we finally achieved peace on our planet, now we face annihilation by alien forces whose power is beyond our imagination.  I had hoped that was was a thing of the past, but here we go again.  Alright, move out!”  – Captain Henry Gloval

Game Objective

You play heroic characters of the venerable Super Dimension Fortress One, also known as the SDF-1.  Players are thrown on a chaotic path as alien forces, known as the Zentraedi, attack without warning.  You must defend the SDF-1 against continuous waves of Zentraedi attacks, unexpected disasters, and treachery.  As a hero, you will be forced to battle vicious enemies, repair damage, and manage resources.  Tough decisions and sacrifices will be required for you to reach home safely.


Winning the Game

If the Heroes can keep the SDF-1 from being captured by the Zentraedi, and make it to the end of the Scenario, you win.  Beware, there are many ways to lose, and the Zentraedi will not give up.


1-5 fully cooperative


120 minutes per scenario



Control the SDF-1 & Crew

Take control of the SDF-1’s crew including: Production, Macross City, Science, the Launch Bay, and Reactors.  Take advantage of key SDF-1 resources such as: the Reflex Furnace, Construction, Training Centers, Laboratory, and the Hospital.  Take care to protect the SDF-1, because as damage is taken, the crew’s capabilities become reduced.  Use your resources to upgrade your technology or weaken the enemy forces.

Pilot & Command Mecha

You have access to the SDF-1’s full arsenal, including Veritechs, Super Veritechs, Destroids, and Scouting Craft.  Take command of a Veritech Wing or order Destroids to defend Macross City.  Use your mecha wisely, they are difficult to replace and are destroyed easily.  Use Scouting Craft to support your attack efforts or thwart the enemy.

Battle the Warrior Race Known as the Zentraedi

The Zentraedi attack the SDF-1 relentlessly with array of tricks, tactics and weaponry.  Each turn, they advance on the SDF-1.  It is up to your Heroes and Crew to stop them.  Launch Veritechs, battle with Destroids, deploy Scouts, upgrade your technology, and fire the Reflex Cannon!  All of your wits and teamwork will be needed if you wish to survive the Zentraedi Attacks.  Beware; Pods can sneak inside the SDF-1, Flagships launch constant barrages and Cruisers will ram the SDF-1.  If that’s not bad enough… the Zentraedi Commanders Khyron and Miriya may personally join the fight.

Game Play

The game play in Robotech®: Attack on the SDF-1 is intense.  With each turn the SDF-1 is drawn closer to capture.  Teamwork is paramount.  The Wing Leader controls Veritechs, but Operations must continually construct Veritechs.  However, if the SDF-1 takes too much damage, Operations might need to focus on repairs.  This means less Veritechs will be constructed.  The Captain must try to maneuver the SDF-1 so it can bring it’s weapons to bear on the enemy, yet protect her more vulnerable areas.  The First Officer must coordinate the Heroes to ensure they perform optimally when the time comes.

You get a different experience every time you play Attack on the SDF-1.  Different scenario elements yield variation in enemy Vessel placement, Hero restrictions and story setbacks.  Cards with baleful effects can combine in powerful and unpredictable ways.  Players must adjust to the unfolding aspects during each game as no two games will be the same.

Game Contents


  •  1    Game Board
  •  1    SDF-1 in Cruiser Mode Board
  •  1    SDF-1 in Battle Mode Model
  •  1    SDF-1 Danger Board
  •  1    Robotech Rulebook
  •  4    Robotech Scenario Books
  • 16   Action Dice
  •  1    Z- Attack Invasion Deck (34 cards)
  •  1    Z-Attack Orders Deck (10 cards)
  •  1    SDF-1 Resources Deck (36  cards)
  •  1    SDF-1 Crew Orders Deck (32 cards)
  •   1    SDF-1 Mecha Orders Deck (32 cards)
  •   6    Hero Boards
  •   6    Hero Stand-Ups
  • 40   Red Damage Cubes
  •   5    Black Permanent Damage Cubes
  •   1    Reactor Token
  • 15   Ability / Research Tokens
  • 10   Evade / Jam Tokens
  • 15   Gun Down / Salvage
  • 10   +1 Tokens / Used Tokens
  •   3   Scout Tokens / Pinpoint Barrier Token
  •  5   Population Markers
  • 15   Veritech Tokens
  • 10    Super Veritech Tokens
  • 15    Destroid Tokens
  • 30    Battlepod Tokens
  •  6    Cruiser Tokens
  •  4    Flagship Tokens
  •  2    Khyron / Miriya Tokens
  •  1    Zentraedi Vessel Bag
  •  3    Quick Reference Cards
  •  4    Character Cards – Khyron, Minmei, Miriya, and Ben
  •  4    Objective Tokens

Estimated Arrival on Earth: 2018

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